Colour Texture Shape Website Intentions

… a conversation about Design.

Colour Texture Shape Website Intentions

This website hopes to continue the conversation about design, including but not limited to its two most basic fundamental determining elements – aesthetics and engineering. Invention and innovation in design are other basic fundamental determining elements but contemporary thought suggests there are many more.

The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon, it’s the finger pointing to the moon. The finger will never be the moon.

Western translation of an old Asian proverb

If you don’t feel comfortable reading or looking through this website it is because you’re not supposed to. The intentions of this website are to draw parallels like what a granite rock and a 70’s bean bag have in relation to each other and a website.

What the rock and the bean bag have in common is that you can sit on them both. The other thing they have in common is if you sit on either of them long enough you’ll experience pain and discomfort.

The granite rock, possibly a superior design from the point of view that it is contentiously less detrimental to the environment. It possibly may never need repair and may be less likely to go out of fashion as quickly. The website, like the granite rock, supports the idea that keeping it simple is not simple.

The bean bag is a superior design from the point of view to which it’s a lot cheaper to own. Also cheaper than shipping a granite rock to your lounge room and then having to move it again when you move home.

The website and the granite rock have parallels like I’m virtually totally unmoveable in reforming my opinions once they are fixed. By this reasoning, the website has some things in common with furniture, albeit a chair in the form of a lump of granite.

While a bean bag is not everybody’s taste, laying on a bag full of polystyrene, it is worth considering the environment. Chloro fluoro carbons, CFCs, were removed from the production of polystyrene some years ago. CFCs being the gas mainly responsible for depleting the ozone layer, it could have been people because polystyrene doesn’t occur naturally. The after-effects of the CFCs has only recently started to diminish. The differing environmental impact of polystyrene and concomitant manufacturing factors versus a rock. Sounds simple!

The removal of the rock puts at danger the already close to extinction long-footed potoroo that lives beneath it. The potoroo and its accompanying habitat extinct forever. What if the rumours are true and eating the long-footed potoroo’s fresh scat is the equivalent of discovering the fountain of youth. While I am making this up there is no empirical evidence to suggest that the scat doesn’t do this. Thus it is also difficult to assess the significance of the rock in its natural environment. In this way, the absolute and comparative value of this website can’t and possibly will never be determined.

The website and the bean bag have parallels like, it’s the cheapest and easiest way to be self-published. Bean bags are cheap and easy to make too. With no authority or approval from a publishing company, you can almost write whatever you like. Which is more toxic?

The free-thinking and the massive technical infrastructure to accompany self-publication or a bean bag. Technology in the form of computers and the internet, effectively creating the biggest library and media outlet in the world. It is arbitrary.

Perhaps you prefer the comfort of a bean bag. If I have to see Kim Kardashian’s ass once more I might just go the bean bag!


Do not disturb somebody doing the impossible while they are doing it.

Old Chinese Proverb



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