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Colour Texture Shape Community Publishing

In the interest of open-source publishing and information distribution, Colour Texture Shape offer you the opportunity to publish on this website.

Our management reserves the right to determine, through the interpretation of the personal attributes of quality, the appropriateness of any articles submitted. We ask that you develop a relationship with us and establish credibility relevant to the genre of the website.

Issues such as copyright, plagiarism, equality, freedom of expression and freedom of opinion are standard legal requirements.

For the purposes of quick vetting of your submissions please supply a) a one-line statement about your article b) a one-paragraph statement about your article c) a one-page sample or statement about your article. On the basis of these three items, we can work towards the full article being published. E-mail these documents to Info@ColourTextureShape.Design

Thanks, we appreciate all the submissions you send.

Kind regards,

Novak Ristov.


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