Pictured here is the ‘Bodum’ Post Modern Coffee Plunger. Yellow, red, bright blue, polished metal and glass. A neat piece of Post Modern Design for around $15. I picked this one up at Myer, Doncaster.

As a plunger it works well, is durable and washes easily. Providing you have the right beans, it makes a good coffee.

What I like about this design is you can have a slice of Post Modernism as an everyday object. It’s fun! A clever design that not only titillates your taste buds but also provides an eye-catching slice of what engineering and aesthetics can accomplish.

Bodum has recently brought out other versions of the same product only using a different colourway. Bodum has long been a significant maker of coffee plungers. Alternatives to the plunger are many, but in this product style, Bodum seems to be a quality player.

(This is not a sponsored ad.)

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