Colour Texture Shape Policy, Disclaimer & Disputes

Policy, Disclaimer & Disputes.

Colour Texture Shape Policy & Disclaimer in a Nut Shell

If you don’t like the Colour Texture Shape website then go and do something that does make you happy or do something useful that contributes to the greater good of society.

Colour Texture Shape Policy & Disclaimer in a Metaphor

Working from the basis that Colour Texture Shape’s information is wrong, you can conclude that we can’t be wronger than wrong, that would be a circular syntax error of language, logic and reason, i.e., If you were to say we are wronger than wrong, or some other superlative, unquantifiable adjective, then we are debating about percentages and you are making a value judgement. This value judgement has no additional value to establishing what’s true, other than to point out what’s wrong according to you. This, more often than not leads to an ideology that no information is better than checking out the information that is available. Therefore we are right to initially say we are wrong, therein lies the conundrum. We can’t possibly be wrong about that by our own definition. It is on your onus as to what you do with the information.

An analogy as an example: Some people study history for entertainment. Some people study history for general knowledge. Some people study history because they think the travesties of history are less likely to repeat themselves that way. Scientific theories draw a parallel with history in that if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same result, until entropy sets in. From a scientific and humanitarian perspective, by the time you are at the end of your life all you have done is very effectively gone around in circles.

Colour Texture Shape Policy & Disclaimer

Colour Texture Shape works on the principle that all information is taken to be untrue, a convenient truth or disinformation. For us the consideration is the degree and to what ends. A lie due to the all-pervasive ignorance. A lie that is the truth within the confines of an extremely narrow focus. A lie that is disproportionate to the scope of the situation. A deliberate lie that is affecting primary data, distorting secondary data and grossly affecting tertiary data. A lie that is widely considered to be the truth but was founded on the basis of a lie.

In the illumination that a piece of information is proven to be untrue, a convenient truth or plain disinformation. The website shall be rectified when we have reasonable proof or undeniable suspicion. This reasonable proof and undeniable suspicion are established when a verifiable, accurate, plausible alternative is established through goodwill, veracity and valour. Contentious issues not supported by verifiable, accurate, plausible alternative opinions based on reasoning and diplomacy, not established through goodwill, veracity and valour, will not be entertained.

In the interest of you, the reader, developing a dialogue concerning what Colour Texture Shape posits does conflict with your world view or ideology then we are OK with that. The absence of proof doesn’t necessarily indicate there is no validity, in no particular order it can indicate (a) human error (b) faulty methodology (c) research tainted by political and social-imperialism (d) possible and plausible glitches inherent in the processes of global information systems (e) access issues due to search engine design and the knowledge base (f) meaning and syntax issues with alternative knowledge sources other than English (g) not all information is knowable at this point in time (h) social and technological limitations imposed at this point in time in history (i) falling prey to disinformation because someone is causing a distraction from the truth (j) the truth is not seen to be suitable to be published (k) popular myth supported by no, or erroneous primary data, causing misguided research into secondary data and supported by extrapolations derived from already questionable no, or erroneous data (l) the absence of proof.

With the above in mind, we don’t necessarily subscribe to your world view or ideology under our Australian Constitutional Right to Freedom of Expression. Under the Australian Constitutional Right to Freedom of Opinion, however, we fully support you and your right to have an opinion.

If you are in doubt about the bias, origins or veracity of any conclusions you have derived from this website’s primary, secondary or tertiary data then checkup for yourself and do something positive about the spread of ignorance. Disinformation is not the goal of Colour Texture Shape, period. We can only rely on our sources, resources and discretion, in relation to data. The main thing we can rely on is our most coveted research, the primary data, a.k.a. our experience. At Colour Texture Shape we suggest you rely on your primary data too.


The last words of well known Australian folk hero and dissident, Ned Kelly (1854-1880).

“Such are our lives”


Ned Kelly looks a lot like a young Mick Jagger, from the Rolling Stones, don’t you think?



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