Rrrr Pirates

The design world is full of Pirates! Recently I saw a copy of Eileen Gray’s ( iconic Modernist’s sofa, “Lota”, for sale on Alibaba.

It remains cost efficient in manufacturing and affordable to the average person. The only thing I lacked before I bought one is the confidence that I would buy a product that reflects the construction methods of the era initially produced.

Now I know technology marches on, and there is always a better way to do things, but is all progress for the better? ‘Luddites’ I hear some say! Luddites, in this day and age, are called conservative Greenies; eating organic food, wearing second-hand clothing and, God forbid, Vegans! Is there any quantifiable evidence that one philosophy of consumption is necessarily better than another?

Getting back to Pirates, could appropriating other peoples intellectual property be the ultimate in recycling. Eileen’s couch is as fresh as the day of the first inception; it requires little technology to produce and minimal materials. Anyone with skill in furniture manufacturing could build these, acting locally and thinking globally, while contributing to the credit this design should have for paving the way for all Modern lounge design. (Lota Sofa, Circa 1924)

Eileen Gray 1878-1976

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