Piper: the other Wonder Dog!

Sometimes in life, you meet a person that changes your life, sometimes that person can be a dog, sometimes that dog can be a mongrel. Let me introduce you to Piper; part Blue Heeler, part Shitzu and mostly we don’t know what.

She is smart, able to figure things out, feisty and loud. She loves to play chase the anything, walk and eat. She is my daughter’s dog, a real oddity but very sweet when you get to know her.

Piper is the reason I got Jampa, the Tibetan Spaniel. My daughter realized I adored Piper and then started working on me to get a dog myself. Six months later I came home from the Lost Dogs Home with a dog.

Pets are good for you, they lengthen your lifespan, provide you with company for our ever increasing life style of social isolation. Please get of your phone or chair and go for a walk tonight and see all the people walking their dogs. Happy people with an hello on their tongues and who are so keen to talk about their dog/s. Homes with dogs in them are less likely to be burgled and as my friend, Eric Williams, would say “Chick Magnet!” LOL! Seriously, my dog is the only person I know that I can tell my problems to and be 100% sure it goes no further. Get a Dog!

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