Prof Mabo & Dr Lowenstein Institute for Photographic Memory

in the interest of Science ‘NRGDP’ has commissioned the development of the Prof Qanita Mabo & Dr Joseph Lowenstein Institute: Photographic Memory Test.

Photographic Memory seems to be a bit of a myth to me, or extremely rare at best! However, in the interest of Science, my other business ‘NRGDP’ has commissioned the development of the “Mabo & Lowenstein Institute Photographic Memory Test” for the purposes of establishing and identifying people with a photographic memory, or not.

Let’s define the parameters of the brief first so we know what is meant by the difference between Photographic Memory, Memory and Bad Memory.

Photographic Memory – commonly seems to be thought of as a memory that is exact and is most often measured by the ability to remember ten consecutive numbers between 1-10 and have perfect recall, even some time later.

Memory – is defined by the average persons ability to remember ten consecutive numbers between 1-10. Not really the subject of this study.

Bad Memory – A memory that lacks the ability to self reflect and could be mistaken for a photographic memory but the user spends their memory lying perfectly and consistently, by the virtue of their abilities, thus discrediting their ability to prove they have a photographic memory.

In the interest of ‘Open Science’ this test should be self administered with complete honesty with yourself, as to not do so will only serve to:

  • show that you don’t have a Photographic Memory by virtue of the definition previously established by the Mabo & Lowenstein Institute.

  • That you had to cheat in the first place shows you that you either doubt your abilities, overestimate your abilities or have a bad memory by virtue of the definition previously established by the Mabo & Lowenstein Institute.

Should you doubt your ability to be dishonest with yourself then send AU$57.00 for the foolproof test designed to circumvent doubters. Email . In the subject line put ‘Mabo & Lowenstein Photographic Memory Test’. In the body put:

  • Your full name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Phone number.
  • E-mail address.
  • Where you live.
  • Where your children go to school.

It is exactly the same as the test below but you get a certificate, upon completion, that clearly states it is confirmed by an independent body that you doubt you have a Photographic Memory by definition of the ‘Mabo & Lowenstein Institute’ Photographic Memory Test.


Carefully read and understand the instructions for as you go

Read it once and once only

Do not write anything down

You have 60 seconds


5.1447896332772152552122562981716357847156851243572 2.947135875263634478585221764547175157385683716814874 7.48925716348256358412558196517135617131575357424 4.28756941213544565215255157685768715617687468177867576854 6.02520524500554012541201183575106857618747444 5.15521421022111525202075137857187818376867885784546874884754 6.6344113254122524123265416853735375051408576817605801370375157 1.316514351453732875421454224235418518517826858623658252263638 8.517537176138746857587613785315823178217851578325231687  3.0987603425374073035203780527806385733483837230852504381

Write down what you remember (ten years from now) on this date exactly

Compare your written results with the original test

If you achieve a perfect score, you have a Photographic Memory, as defined by the parameters of the Mabo & Lowenstein Institute’s Photographic Memory Test

I reiterate, don’t look at these numbers again for ten years, to the day

Keep an open mind and good luck!

Prof Qanita Mabo & Dr Joseph Lowenstein



‘Sometimes standing still is moving faster than going forwards’

Novak Ristov’s (NRGDP 2021)

Sponsored by NRGDP (Intelligence & Research Division)


Research findings will be published here at:

after and not before:

10:30 am Monday 17th February 2031

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