Made in Nippon – Soy Sauce Jug

I found this Japanese soy sauce jug in an Op Shop on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia.


I found this precious gem in an ‘Op Shop’ on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria, Australia. There are many Op (Oppurtunity) Shops (Secondhand Stores) there and this particular Op Shop was in a back street in Rye, just off the main street.

I use it as a milk jug although it’s original intention, I feel, was intended for Soy Sauce. The jugs greatest point of interest is that it has no handle and fits in the hand like an ergonomic dream. It is pleasant to touch, with a white glossy, fine texture, upper and a blue matt, tactile, texture lower.

It is beautiful to hold! This jug gives me so much pleasure for that simple reason. It looks great too because of its texture and colour, that is like no other I have seen.

It cost me AU$7.00, and it was AU$7.00 well spent! Expensive, for an Op Shop, but you are also supporting a charity by either giving or receiving goods. This particular charity supports family violence shelters.

If you give a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ then you don’t have to spend a lot of money! Just spread the love around a little…a few dollars can go a long way for people in need and you can have a preloved item for life or if/when you get sick of it you can take it back, by giving it too another Op Shop!

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