Jampa the Wonder Dog

This little dog (Tibetan Spaniel) pictured here, is called ‘Jampa’. He likes to cuddle, lick, eat, sleep and bark at the neighbours coming and going. He is my pet dog.

I found him at the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne; Victoria, Australia. My daughter talked me into getting a dog and he seemed as good as any. I had never had a dog before, and so it was a real learning curve in understanding dog psychology. One person I overheard described that a dog is like a four-year-old that never grows up, this seems fairly accurate. It’s now nearly four years since he took up residence at my house and he seems to have made it his own.

Sadly, the Lost Dogs Home only keep dogs, for rehousing, for a few weeks and if they don’t find alternative accommodation, the dog is put to sleep. Jampa was three days away from too late. There was no microchip indicating his previous owner’s whereabouts or collar with details, like a phone number. He had been rehoused but returned, I’m guessing due to him not getting along with other dogs.

I am very grateful to the Lost Dogs Home for this little fellow that lights up my life every day. Lucky dog and lucky me!


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