I once heard a story about a Jewish man who survived the Holocaust but was marred by seeing the world as shades of grey instead of colour. I don’t know the details of what happened or how long he was affected but what I do remember was that for a long time all he saw was shades of grey. One day it all changed, I don’t know why or where but all of a sudden he saw colour again. He received a blessing in his life maybe. Could it be depression or trauma that made vision appear that way? What does this say about our ability to see colour and be emotionally attached or unattached to colours? What else does it say about the abilities of perception when the seeing mechanism is affecting the perception of the subject it is observing, i.e., What is the true color of an object when a colour blind person, not being able to differentiate between blue and green, sees aqua?

Which leads me to a funny story about Mr Merkan, an art and graphics teacher at my childhood High School during the 80’s. He could not tell the difference between purple and brown and therefore would turn up to school with a purple suit. I just thought he had an unconventional taste, but no, he claimed he was colour blind, or perhaps he was trying to tell us something else by his bold fashion statement, I genuinely liked the guy, and despite his challenges in art, he was a great teacher. His other suit was Mission Brown, so what colour did he think that was?

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