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I was given a Bertocci Lamp Base and Shade for my birthday 30 years ago. Strange gift for a strapping young lad but what do you do when your parents own a furniture shop, and one of their friends owns a lampshade importing business. It was clear to me that this lampshade is unusual in its construction and qualities of artistry. So the psychology of marketing works, the lampshade is rare. Therefore more desirable as a piece and captivates the senses to elicit my hopes and dreams of there being a day when no child grows up in the dark, without a designer light source.

Its made of clay and roughly detailed with acute perfection to the glaze. Similar products by this manufacturer are all treated much the same only the colours vary according to the phase of the fashion cycle at the time. Most examples I have seen are strong bright colours; the lampshade pictured is muted by comparison to the vases and objects also pictured.

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