Editor’s Notes:

It is with some consideration that I am writing this blog. What I am pondering are the pros and cons of what seems to be a reflection of the mind, i.e., How a cluttered interior may reflect a discordant life. A minimal interior may reflect an uncluttered mind, or, this may be reflections of a mind that is ambitious in its desire to attain a state of mind in common with its material reflection.

Some people think the material world is a reflection of the inner being, but I beg to differ in that a material world can be pretentious. That is, for example, a house, or office, with a very neat and tidy appearance, may be that, a neat and tidy appearance. Worst still, you could find somebody obsessed with cleanliness to a point where they have forgotten to dust and trim away the inner cobwebs to a peaceful life. I feel this is perhaps the worst artistic crime a Creative can commit.

So what came first? The peaceful mind reflecting the peaceful interior or the peaceful interior reflecting the peaceful mind. I don’t want to know! There are other possibilities and if you would like to give some feedback then we can address them in future posts.

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