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Kerri Hollingsworth’s ‘AN-TI-QUATE’

Soon to be featured is Kerri Hollingsworth’s work on Recycled Furniture. Now you may say, Recycled Furniture Ho Hum, heard it all before! But Miss Hollingsworth has taken it to a new level, bridging the gap between Artist and Upholsterer, finding unloved pieces of opportunity by the side of the road and recreating them with a new life and interpretation for the future.

Some 25 years ago I bought a magazine put out by the Commission for the Future, ’21C’ was the name. In it was an article concerning the archeological findings of a dig in New York City. The dig was concerned with establishing what contemporary society throws away as rubbish. Plastic was about 6%, paper was about 11% and furniture was a whopping 16%. So as you can see furniture is a worthy target for recyclers due to its abundance.

Furniture can be combined with asphalt to make roads or burned to make fuel but this fuel has side effects from chemicals, which for the past 70 years has been prevalent in the course of furniture manufacture, and in particular foam, glues, lacquers and sundries used in the manufacturing of upholstered furniture.

Enter Kerri Hollingsworth, pioneer in recycled, updated and highly fashionable recycled upholstery. Article to come shortly!

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