Crystal Ball For Fashion Designers

The future of fashion, by the divine divinations of the irrepressible Trulku Vajra Tsampa!

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, something ‘GUCCI’ this way comes!

The Future is Dark, then the Sun will come Up! There is a New Wave, completely New, only it shall be 110% Retro! Gone shall be the Night Rider as Civilisation Errs! The Age of Recycling the Past will leave us the remains of a GUCCI Handbag and a PRADA Hand Me Down! Stretched and torn but still baring the Label!

Something is coming through? Ahhh …lbjhvc …Bny.ku;i’ol …Qhfdxgvb …Oh!

…it’s an E-mail!

Trulku Vajra Tsampa

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