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an-ti-quate 2019

Custom Upholstery Art

“Everyone deserves to have at least one

comfortable chair in their life!”

Kerri Hollingsworth, Antiquate

Nestled in the foothills of the Cathedral Ranges, in Country Victoria, on a small farm lays a shed. The unsuspecting workshop of Kerri Hollingsworth’s custom upholstery art project, ‘An-ti-quate’. The farm, passed down from Grandfather to the current generation, was a casualty of the Black Saturday Bushfires. Rebuilding after the fire has left Kerri, husband Marcus and daughter, Betty, a utilitarian yet comfortable house and workshop. Betty can be seen here enjoying Pumpkin Soup. Kerri, as a mum says time goes very quickly, you have to make the most of every minute.

Kerri is a very down to earth, warm-hearted individual, who through natural charm and genuine kindness reaches out and makes you feel comfortable in her presence. Before an-ti-quate, Kerri was cabin crew for domestic and international airlines, in the air for some ten years.

Kerri is currently working on a client order for recliner chairs. The chairs, in homage to friends and relatives passed, have been requested to represent passed individual’s story. The story is told in materials and imagery based on their loved one’s life journey. The back of the chairs (can be seen above) is like a canvas where the treatment is woven depicting symbology drawn from discussions while researching the passed person. Kerri has managed to create highly individual treatments to the upholstery, which is a signature of Kerri’s work.

A collaborative exhibition is also in the making (pictured above). This time Kerri Hollingsworth, xxx xxx and zzz zzz are submitting three ottomans covered in exotic felt and embellished with weaving. Each of the three ottomans is being treated differently according to the Artist’s interpretation. You can attend the exhibition at xx street zzzzzzz between DD/MM/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY, XX am to XX pm.

For those of you in the furniture and interior design industry an-ti-quate can be found at the Australian International Furniture Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from the 18 – 21 July 2019.

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